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Our suppliers are the key to our success.

We involve our suppliers in our development, production and business processes at an early stage. This generates a close, intensive exchange of know-how, ideas, and expertise and ensures optimum product realization. In return, we offer our suppliers excellent opportunities for development, attractive conditions and long-term partnerships.

All MARTUR FOMPAK INTERNATIONAL suppliers, existing or potential, must comply with the set of identified requirements and be strongly committed to adopting the following approach:

financial stability 23 3 2020


All MARTUR FOMPAK INTERNATIONAL suppliers, existing or potential, must comply with the set of identified requirements and be strongly committed to adopting the following approach:

Human Resources Policy

We believe that our biggest power is our human resources to achieve our strategic targets and to manage the growth within continuously changing competitive conditions. In our business life relations; we believe that WORK PEACE created by respect, understanding and confidence atmosphere affects the sincere loyalty and working life success of our employees and we show superior effort with respect this matter.

MARTUR FOMPAK INTERNATIONAL and its suppliers must fully comply with the social laws and regulations of the country where they operate, during their activities. These rules are the following:

  • no discrimination made on the basis of religion, language, race, gender, marital status, physical disability, region and etc.
  • employees over age of 18
  • Salary Policy in line with our employees’ competencies and performance, economical data and sectoral trends
  • sustain the corporate and respect to the ethical values


Ethical Policy

We never tolerate the acceptance of gifts and benefits, which may have an impact on our decisions and behaviors during our business dealings, and damage our objectivity, and our employees are never allowed to give gifts and earn profit for themselves by utilizing company resources and their position in the company.

Under the framework of the rules of professionalism and courtesy;

Our suppliers can give and accept gifts/meals, provided that such gifts and meals are of a standard acceptable in the business world.

Giving, accepting or offering gifts and benefits, which may create an expectation for bribe and/or commission may not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The gifts and promotional materials that may be given under the framework of business relations shall be subject to the approval of the senior management.


Conflict of Interest

Avoiding acts and behaviors during our all business dealings, which may lead to a conflict of interest, is one of our top priority sensitivities.

Conflict of interest refers to any situation, which affects or may affect employees to perform their duties objectively, and to any benefit provided to them, their relatives, associates or the people or establishments they are related to and the situation where they obtain financial or any personal gain in relation thereto.

Our suppliers may not use the resources, the name, entitlements, and power of the company to gain benefit or interest.

Our suppliers must avoid using business relations to gain benefit and establishing relationships which may create a pecuniary advantage.

Out of working hours, our suppliers shall not damage the Company’s name and image to gain income and/or benefit, nor shall they act in a way to affect their duty negatively.


Martur Fompak International expects all its suppliers to complete their quality system management certifications, implement and fulfill their requirements. Our company demands that the suppliers make the necessary infrastructure and investments to fulfill the special requests of all customers.

Minimum requirement when it comes to quality is the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. For some projects the IATF 16949 or a VDA 6.3 Certificate is required.

The common aim of Martur Fompak International, with its entire staff including (national/international personnel) its senior management and personnel, is to achieve full compliance with and ensure constant development of its Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental management systems in all aspects of its product and process design and production and service activities, in line with the expectations and needs of the organization, its employees, all internal / external issues and interested parties.

We need to protect our business and our customers. To do so, the supplier- after having successfully passed the initial screening- must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You can find the document in the “DOWNLOADS” section, as well as the General Purchase Contract and all Quality and Logistics agreements.

In order to continue being sustainable and supplying to our final customers with no distractions, we want to work with suppliers that are resistant to economic shocks and they can smoothly fulfil their basic functions.
In other words, we want business partners that can ensure financial stability in the dynamic automotive sector.

Automotive industry is very competitive and we always seek for suppliers who can offer products to meet our customers’ specifications. Automotive experience it is not mandatory, but it is an extra advantage. This means that we will not get a supplier out of the game if it has little or zero experience in the automotive sector.


Sustainable Procurement Policy

Responsible Sourcing and Conflict Minerals Policy

Requirements Table

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