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Potential Suppliers

Martur Fompak International's vision is to shape a network of “Intelligent Suppliers”, that help us providing a pleasant and safe journey to our final customers.

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers, many of whom have been co-operating with us for years.

To accommodate our fast growing customer base we are always looking to expand our supplier base. For this, we review periodically our current supplier base and add new players when needed.

Road to Become our Supplier

  1. Information Online Form (General Company Data, Certificates, etc.)..
  2. Initial Screening by Responsible Commodity
  3. NDA sign
  4. If approved by the Buyer, supplier will be contacted in case of a RFQ
  5. In case of supplier’s offer complies with/suits our expectations, then a Potential Supplier Audit will be executed by SQAs.
  6. Contract, in case the potential supplier is approved by the SQA team

Potential Supplier Information

Are you interested in becoming a Martur Fompak International Supplier?

If the answer is yes and your company's profile matches our requirements and Portfolio, then click here and let us know more of your capabilities.

While filling this form, we highly recommend to consult the instructions, so that you avoid any mistake or to solve possible questions (click here to download the instructions)


Regional Material Portfolio

We are operating in 7 different Regions, with 23 production plants in total. You can find our Regional Direct Material needs below.

Disclaimer: The map only shows what we need in each region. It doesn’t mean that a supplier from one Region cannot supply to the others.


Sustainable Procurement Policy

Responsible Sourcing and Conflict Minerals Policy

Requirements Table

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